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Each year, I review the trend world with one major quest: to answer the question “Why” behind color and design trends. If you understand the big picture trend story, then the parts and pieces of design and color come together with ease, interest and texture.

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The ColorVoyant Watch

ColorVoyant Trend Watch 2014 16.11.2012

Here, I will preview trends of the future. In researching an overall theme of Resonance for the 2014 direction there was one thing that “resonated” with me— the world around us is transitioning and shifting with tidal proportions. With this theme, four sub-themes resonate with interesting perspectives:

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Milan Design Week Watch: Color 19.6.2012

Milan offered such a celebration of colors that I've not seen in years. Colors took their role in products, packaging and branding…everywhere. They just cannot be disregarded any more.

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Milan Design Week Watch: Trends 19.6.2012

The doors were open at Ventura Lambrate, I Saloni / Satellite, the Triennale Design Museum, Rossana Orlandi and MOST/Tom Dixon, and also in individual showrooms and exhibitions. My trend overview includes four topics: Concepts, Process, Kitchen & Bath and Venues.

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Finnish Design in New York Watch 19.6.2012

In May, the 10-months long New Finnish Design CITY project looking into urban life and its design aspects was launched in New York. Another venue was ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) during the New York Design Week.

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Design Talents Watch 6.3.2012

Three talents from Europe: Jolan van der Wiel, one of the rising stars in the interior design world; Martin Leuthold, with a career spanning over four decades in the design of fashion textiles and interiors, and Doreen Westphal, who likes to make unexpected material mixes, especially when using concrete.

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Color Trends Watch 6.3.2012

Color Clustering refers to the combination of colors grouped in a small space still having vibrancy to stand on their own. Color Staccatos are reliant upon one another to cover the surface with impactful color. Color Blocking canvases large areas of the surface. Internal color: The heat is on with the glow of the brights into the color spectrum.

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doty horn
Doty Horn

Doty Horn is Founding Director of ColorVoyant® LLC, a B2B visionary color marketing company in the New York City area. Her insightful trend forecasting is internationally known and followed. With an extensive background in the fashion, interior, and product design industries, as well as traveling for international trend research, Doty has established a rich foundation for understanding color and design trends, as they translate into the market. She also believes that color is universal and the #1 influencer behind any product or brand purchase. Doty Horn will have her blog posted each quarter throughout 2012.



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